2022 Materials

Friendly Results 2022

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the 2022 European Friendly Rounds a great success! Best of luck to all teams for the next stages of the Jessup Competition!

Congratulations to University of Vienna, winner of the 2022 Friendly, ELTE Faculty of Law, runner-up, and semifinalists Hebrew University of Jerusalem and University of Helsinki!

Team rankings

1. Austria, University of Vienna

2. Hungary, ELTE

3. Israel, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

4. Finland, University of Helsinki

5. North Macedonia, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Skopje

6. Kosovo, University of Prishtina

7. Latvia, Riga Graduate School of Law

9. Slovakia, Trnava University

8. Norway, University of Oslo

10. Lithuania, Vytautas Magnus University

11. Denmark, University of Copenhagen

12. Czech Republic, Charles University

Top 20 oralists from the Friendly Rounds:

  1. Eli Benin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem                                 
  2. Juri Huttunen, University of Helsinki
  3. Marcell Valastyán, ELTE Faculty of Law
  4. Triinu Jõgi, University of Vienna                
  5. Bettina Bulla, ELTE Faculty of Law            
  6. Konstantin Kladivko, University of Vienna
  7. Tea Micevska, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Skopje                     
  8. Naomi Galitsky, Hebrew University of Jerusalem                  

Markuss Kozlinskis, Riga Graduate School of Law                  

10. Savva Kuparinen, University of Helsinki               

11. Maximilian Weninger, University of Vienna 

12. Alex Hordós, ELTE Faculty of Law                                    

13. Catherine Liko, University of Vienna               

14. György Erményi, ELTE Faculty of Law

15. Eden Lapid, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

       Sabine Stirnina, Riga Graduate School of Law

17. Dea Fetiu, University of Prishtina

18. Melissa Sabamali, University of Oslo

19. Kristofers Kalnins-Liberis, Riga Graduate School of Law

       Lucija Chukelovska, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Skopje

Congratulations to the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, winner of the Swiss National Rounds!

Congratulations to University of Geneva, winner of the best memorials at the Swiss National Rounds!

Congratulations to Lilian Robb, best oralist of the Swiss National Rounds and Natasha Claudine Floodgate, runner-up.

Congratulations to Trnava University, Slovakia, winner of the Spirit of the Friendly Award!

Congratulations to Céline Braumann, winner of the Best Judge Award!